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A warm welcome awaits you at our Yoga Holiday Retreat.


In partnership with the World Organization for Fitness and Wellness ( ) we provide a genuine supportive environment for you to immerse yourself in Yoga and become a fully qualified Yoga Instructor. 

Meet like-minded people and indulge in the theory and practice of Yoga.

This is how you will get to experience your own personal growth and enjoy your journey to becoming a confident, qualified Yoga instructor.  


The friendly supportive team at the World Organization for Fitness and Wellness ( ) will guide  and support you on your journey to Yoga career success.  Upon graduation you may choose to start a business, earn extra money, work for yourself, work from home, change career, look for a Yoga job vacancy, an additional way to make money or one of many other new opportunities that will become available to you.


  • Become fully qualified in 7 days

  • Affordable

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • High earning potential

  • Meet like minded individuals yoga near me

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